Final filter unit monocyclones

Final filters are required to operate a cyclone system. They provide the necessary suction capacity and must be matched to the pressure loss in the overall system.

ICF filter recovery

ICF system

The filter is used to separate coating powders directly. It is characterized by a very high separation efficiency of over 99.9%. The ICF system can be flange-mounted directly onto the booth. The mobile filter trolley can be readily exchanged during a paint change.

ICF filter recovery – fan box

The fan box allows for a certain suction capacity of a booth. If the pressure loss in the air system is known, the expected air power can be calculated on the basis of the fan characteristic curves. It is optimally coordinated with the ICF system.

ICF Recovery System – Filter trolley

The powder/air mixture sucked in from the booth is separated in the filter trolley. The powder is captured in the ribs and is cleaned off by compressed air impulses. The recovered powder may thus be returned to circulation.


Powder recovery system

The monocyclone is used with automatic booths in paint change systems. It separates the powder/air mixture sucked out of the booth. The exhaust passes to the final filters via a pipe. The sieved powder is returned to the guns.


Powder recovery system

Multicyclone units are used as a powder recovery system in WAGNER IC stainless steel booths. They are characterized by their compact design and high separation efficiency.