Control unit EPG 5000

Control unit for electrostatic automatic gun GA 5000

The EPG 5000 controls all WAGNER electrostatic automatic guns from the type GA 5000 for solvent-based paints. The control takes place manually or automatically via an external interface. This interface can be used to set and optimize all electric parameters in the coating process. The high tension can be variably adjusted in real-time in accordance with the contour of the workpiece.

Layer Check LC 1000

Non-contact layer thickness measurement

The Layer Check LC 1000 enables a non-contact measurement of the coating thickness of powder & liquid paint directly after application. This leads to reduced costs, optimised quality & process reliability.

  • Considerable material savings, since unnecessary repeat coating is avoided. This results in significant cost savings and protects the environment.
  • The quality control ensures that the workpieces are not undercoated, enabling the user to prevent rejects and system downtimes.
  • Constant measurement ensures seamless logging during the coating process. The data can be used locally or transferred to a database.

VM 500

Control unit to drive the electrostatic manual guns GM 5000EA and GM 5000EAC. 80 kV with monitoring function and safety cut-off.

VM 5000

Control unit to drive the electrostatic manual guns GM 5000EA and GM 5000EAC. Adjustable high-voltage, recipe changes, safety monitoring and many other features.

VM 5020 WA

Control unit for controlling high voltage in the Aqua Coat 5020, recipe changes, safety monitoring, and many other functions. For the use of automatic guns WA 700 and GA 4000, as well as electrostatic automatic guns GA 5000 EAW and GA 5000 EACW.