Basic powder center

The powder center is available as a modular system with various stages of expansion. The basic configuration consists of a fluid tank with corresponding suction pipes. It can be individually expanded with other components.

Box fluidizing unit

The box fluidizing unit is needed to supply guns directly from the box. It takes up 2 injector spaces and therefore reduces the number of injectors to 20.

EPG S2 set

Control unit

The EPG S2 set is needed to control the guns in combination with a master controller. One set is needed for two guns. It contains an EPG S2 and the connection cables needed.

Fresh powder supply box

The box fresh powder supply module allows fresh powder to be automatically supplied directly from the box with level control. The set includes vibration table, suction lance, IP5000 and cleaning fixture.

HiCoat-ED feed system

Feed system for supplying powder to powder guns with little air according to the Venturi principle.

  • Supplies powder using little air
  • More even coating thickness
  • Efficient material utilization
  • Lower material consumption costs
  • Better coating coverage in depressions
  • Higher coating speed
  • No pulsing of powder cloud
  • Higher transfer efficiency


Feed system for the low-air feed of large quantities.

  • High delivery rate of up to 5 kg/min
  • Low-air feed system
  • Minimal dust formation
  • Service interval display
  • No unscheduled interruptions in production
  • Automatic flushing and cleaning programs
  • Safe and rapid color change

Peristaltic conveyor system

The peristaltic conveyor system is used for the intermediate feeding of coating powders using little air by means of alternating pinch valves.

  • Feed requires little air
  • Minimal dust formation
  • Low investment costs
  • Low-wear feed technology
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust engineering
  • High availability

PrimaCenter Integral

The PrimaCenter Integral can accommodate up to 12 powder injectors. It is designed for the powder supply in the paint change systems and ensures a simple paint change through partially automated cleaning procedures.

  • Robust, compact design
  • Space-saving construction
  • Delivery from the fluid container
  • High-quality coating results
  • Electronic controller with 4“ paint touchscreen
  • Integratet application control in combination with EPG Sprint and moving devices VU, HU
  • Icons and text
  • Easy to operate

PrimaCenter stand-alone

The PrimaCenter stand-alone can accommodate up to 12 powder injectors. It is designed for the powder feed into the paint change system and permits a simple paint change through partially automated cleaning procedures.

  • Robust, compact design
  • Space-saving construction
  • Delivery from the fluid container
  • High-quality coating results
  • No power connection required
  • Few control elements
  • Easy to operate

PXE powder center

The benchmark for powder supply with the best price-performance ratio

The WAGNER PXE solution provides complete control of all the different components in one central unit: Powder center, moving devices, application, booth & filter. The WAGNER PXE powder center fulfills all requirements for the powder supply of an automatic coating system.
PXE comes either as standard version or as a modular powder center version with integrated vibrating and fluidizing unit to feed directly from the powder box.

  • Intuitive handling: The 7″ all-in-one color touch display allows the whole system to be operated from one central control unit.
  • Flexible powder feeding: Powder supply directly from the powder box or WAGNER fluidized hopper, depending on customer requirements.
  • Increased productivity: Powder supply of up to 22 guns from WAGNER fluidized hopper or up to 20 guns directly from the box.

PXM injector set PI-F1

The injector set contains the powder injectors and connection parts. One set is needed for each gun. PI-F1 and HiCoat-ED could be combined.


  • Various combinations possible
  • Optimized application

PXM powder center

The PXM powder center can be individually configured. A large field of application is possible thanks to feeding from box or fluid tank with up to 34 injectors, and add-on modules such as filter extraction, EPG rack, fresh powder supply and ultrasonic screen.

PXM ultrasonic screening unit

The ultrasonic screen unit developed for use in the PXM powder center makes a high screening performance possible. The open design ensures easy operation and paint change safety. The cool screening technology provides process safety.

  • Compact integration in PXM
  • Effective use of the space available
  • High sieve performance
  • No restrictions to the surface coverage of the system
  • Integrated debris removal
  • Achieve the highest coating quality

PXS powder center

The benchmark for top-quality powder supply

The WAGNER PXS is not only the heart of the powder supply, it also represents the entire coating system as the entire system control is already integrated in the switch cabinet and is operating via the central touchscreen. The compact design enables a space-saving and ergonomic integration of the system into the individual working environment of the customer. Thanks to its diverse functions which enable a high degree of automation as well as an efficient powder application, this premium system is particularly suitable for challenging coating tasks with various demands.

Standard injectors

Feed system for supplying powder to powder guns according to/ following the Venturi principle.

  • High output range 
  • Wide range of applications 
  • Easy to operate and maintain 
  • No special training necessary 
  • Collector nozzle as a separate wear part 
  • Lower wear part costs 
  • Conductive hose sleeve 
  • Discharge of unwanted electric charge


The SuperCenter is a truly high tech powder supply unit for up to 22 guns. The integrated weighing technology not only the keeps the powder level constant, but measures the powder consumption at every paint change.

Ultrasound sieve unit SuperCenter

The ultrasound sieve unit was especially developed for use with the SuperCenter and ensures a high sieve performance. It is integrated in the cleaning process. The cool sieve technology provides process safety thanks to the reduction of the sieve heating risk.